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How to Play the Classic Book of Ra

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How to Play the Classic Book of Ra

Book of Ra is a game that brings back so many memories! The Book of Ra slot was one of the first games everyone could play in a Casino and still remain in advantage.


When talking about Book of Ra online, we’re talking one of the most popular Casino games of all time. In this game we are introduced into the mysterious world of ancient Egypt, in the heart of an explorer who has to solve a mystery and find riches. The game is based on the legend of Ra, the Sun god to the Egyptians. According to the legend, the book held secrets and spells that helped Ra the god to win the battle in the dark. Book of Ra slots are one of those fun games that you need patience. The game can pay very well, but not every spin. The payout rate for the player is considered to be between 92-94%.

Special Features

Book of Ra has a single special symbol. And it’s actually a multi-role symbol. It’s really about Ra’s book. This plays both the role of the wild symbol and the role of the scatter symbol. As a wild symbol, it can replace other symbols to help generate winnings. As a scatter symbol, the book triggers the bonus round when we capture at least 3 symbols of this type. Take an exercise and see how it works in a Book of Ra free play first!

Many players simply throw on the game without knowing exactly how it works. Before playing for real money, make sure you know very well what each button and every feature of the game is doing! Practice with Book of Ra free if you are a beginner!

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