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How to Win on Slot Book of Ra

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One of the most popular casino free slots in modern online casinos is Book of Ra, which is often called just Books. In top-level gambling establishments, the average daily amount of bets on it is on 4-5 thousands. Such popularity is caused not only by an interesting topic, devoted to ancient Egyptian riddles and burials, but also by an increased chance to get a win. You can make sure of this yourself, by searching the Internet for a video with records of jackpot drop on this slot – dozens, or even hundreds. Do you want to join one of these lucky ones? In this case, before you start playing Book of Ra online, you should familiarize yourself with its secrets.

How to Win on Slot Book of Ra

How to Gain Profit with Book of Ra Slot?

The first strategy is to change the bet size constantly and the lines’ number. Activate 5 lines and put 10 each, and then click on the button for launching the reels. If you get a winning combination, then the lines’ number should be increased to 7. If you win again, you activate 9 lines already. Then each win should be accompanied by an increase in the rate by 1 point. If the spin does not bring you anything, then we act in the opposite direction. First, reduce the lines’ number to 1, and then the bet size. Once you reach the limit (either the maximum lines’ number and the bet size, or 1 line with a stake of 1), then you should start all over again. According to statistics, using this tactics in Book of Ra slots, you will improve your chances by about 40%.

The second way to beat the Book of Ra online casino game is to try to “call” free spins, which begin with at least three books in any position. For this aim, you should activate 3 lines with a bet of 5 each. With each book, you will have to increase the bet by 1 point. If on the reels there are 2 books, then you should increase the lines’ number. First, do it up to 5 pieces, then up to 7, and then up to 9. As soon as you reach the maximum stake, or lines, and free games do not drop out, you should return to the initial stage. The game on this strategy increases the frequency of launching free spins by 80%.

And the last secret of the Book of fra is q doubling game, which can be launched after each winning round. If you have activated 1, 3, or 7 lines, it is better to choose a red color. If the lines were 5 or 9, then it is preferable to choose black. And keep in mind, with the doubling of the amount again, the card will turn out to be the same color with the probability of 75-80%. But the third time it is better to choose the opposite color, although it would be even more reasonable to take the win.

Take into account, the listed secrets of play Book of Ra do not guarantee a prize, nevertheless, they will increase your chances of success essentially. According to the statistics, the players who used them won on average 25% more often. These strategies were tested in official casinos with honesty control, so in pirate halls, where slots are deliberately adjusted for a deposit sink, they are unlikely to work.

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